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How nice would it be to have whip-smart nutritionists by your side at all times, advising you on what to order at brunch or how much protein powder you should add to your smoothie?

It’s a service that provides expert coaching and nutrition feedback through Skype. It’s almost like having a nutritionist on speed dial. And while nothing beats a face-to-face session with a pro (or say a real time ice-cream-pint intervention), it’s certainly a much more affordable option.


  • Daily accountability – Accountability is the key to success.  Every day your coach will rate your meals and give you feedback.
  • Weekly achievable goals – Losing weight is hard. Each week, Kat will set challenges and together you’ll accomplish bite-sized goals.
  • Real-time support – Ask any question and get an answer from a coach in 3 minutes.

What to expect: Participants who engage with Kat every day, lose about 1 pound per week. That means in 12 weeks, you’ll lose about 12 pounds. The best part is, you’re building a healthy lifestyle for the rest of your life.


  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    Sepideh Bijan

    kefi + ME is the best way to keep your daily meals balanced. Its a great option to have right at your finger tips, to see those pounds shred away. Very pleased with the results!

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