Kat’s Yoga Therapy is a rich blend of breathing techniques, guided imagery, yoga asanas, and healing modalities. The key to her work is in developing a personalized yoga therapy practice for each client. The practice will calm your mind and emotions and boost the emotional centers of the brain that regulate stress and increase your ‘feel-good’ emotions.

Therapy sessions include but are not limited to:

·       Kat’s 100% devotion to you and a safe container over the course of your time together, whether it’s one session or many.

·       Pre-session and post-session reports (to be filled in before and after each session).

·       Soulful wisdom and practical guidance designed to help you experience ease and joy.

·       Understanding and support.

·       Self-care practices and audio meditation recordings.

·       Check-ins and email follow-up after your sessions.

Please contact us for pricing and fees.


Since 2009, Kat has been developing and implementing inpatient and outpatient yoga therapy sessions and relaxation educational seminars for local hospitals. She has a comprehensive understanding of adolescent behavior disorders and adult substance abuse.

Kat leads yoga therapy sessions for adolescent, senior adult, adult inpatient, exclusively women, and pain management programs. She specializes in depression/anxiety, social withdrawal, irritability and anger, suicidal thoughts, sleep and appetite changes, trauma and crisis, grief and loss, and alcohol and drug abuse.

Mental health patients reported experiencing the following sensations after yoga therapy sessions:
self-care, self-love and appreciation
pride and accomplishment
increase in relatability (with themselves and the outside world)
peace with their daily experience and present moment
less rumination, sense of calm and presence.

Kat hand-selects the best certified yoga teachers and trains them in her yoga therapy approach. Each yoga therapy teacher has a minimum of 200 hours of certification from an accredited yoga school.

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