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Product Description

The intolerance test is one of the most comprehensive tests available in the world. Using the latest bio-technology, the test is safe, simple and is performed on a sample of your hair.

This innovative one-step intolerance test produce a comprehensive report, divided into five areas:

  • The items of food and non-food that you are intolerant to
  • Where the non-food items (especially the chemicals) are commonly found
  • The nutrients your body is lacking
  • The food items that these nutrients are commonly found and any illnesses or conditions that can occur due to the lack of these nutrients
  • Guidance on how your individual intolerances can be reduced or even eliminated completely


  1. 5 out of 5


    I was very surprised to get the results of this test. Unknowingly, I was consuming foods on a daily basis that weren’t good for me and it recommended me to consume the nutrients my body was lacking. I stopped consuming the foods my body wasn’t tolerating and I cant be happier with the results, great test to keep you on track!!

  2. 5 out of 5


    Kat is a wonderful person to work with. I went to Kat with stomach issues and concerns and she recommended I take the Food Intolerance Test. This test helped identify all the allergies I did not know existed. After reviewing the results, I began taking all the allergens out of my diet and I saw and felt immediate results. My stomach bloating and pain has diminished, and I am feeling healthier. I am now proactive in staying clear of all my allergens and I am feeling great.

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